Digital Literacy In 2017

            Digital literacy has 8 essential elements each child should learn and be able to use. Knowing how to behave on the Internet is one of those elements. There is definitely a certain culture to the Internet and a student should know how to be a part of that culture. The second element is being able to know the key concepts of the digital world. Without understanding all of the keys and navigation it would be extremely hard to get any education from the technology you are using. Next is being able to know how to appropriately use, reuse, and remix anything that someone has created and put on the Internet. Copyright is a very serious offense and teaching your students to follow the law is really important. The fourth element is being able to know how to communicate. There are several different online tools that can be used for communication. Next is being able to know how to belong in the digital world. Fitting in can allow a student to use the Internet to its full potential. The next essential element is creativity. Without creativity, technology cannot be used to its full potential. After having most of these elements a student will be ready to evaluate different parts of the Internet. Lastly, the student should know how to properly participate in the Internet activity.

I know you are probably thinking that this is a lot of information at a time and I thought that at first too. I was also really intrigued by all of the information. This website actually helped me with understanding most of the information that I gave you above. After spending some time researching digital literacy I found that it is something I should know everything about before I go out to teach. It is something that I can use ALL of the time in my classroom and I want to make sure I am teaching it all the right way. I plan to keep researching way to use digital literacy to better understand it for my future classroom.



2 thoughts on “Digital Literacy In 2017

  1. The school where I teach is one of those schools that think of technology as a poison- at least as far as cell phones are concerned! They still have their ChromeBooks, which I am hoping to learn several new, fun programs to use in my classroom. I agree that we should be using every possible avenue to help our students learn and achieve all that they can! Creativity is also so important that I’m challenging myself to implement more creative assignments into my plans!


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