I chose to watch the TEDTalk called, “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do” by Gever Tulley. I chose to watch this video because I wanted to know the meaning behind letting a child do something that is dangerous. At first I was a little taken back by how forward Tulley was about letting a child do these 5 dangerous things, but after some explaining I warmed up to the idea quickly.

Apparently, its dangerous...

Photo CC By: Brian Westcott

            You may or may not believe that in this day in age the younger children are growing in a sheltered world. They live in a world where they are not forced to take the trash out in fear that they may be kidnapped or are not asked to do the dishes because they may ingest soap, which could potentially harm them. To me, this sounds like nonsense and makes me cringe to think parents would even think this way. That poor child is going to grow up fearing the world and that cannot be the best life to live.

The 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do are play with fire, know how to use a pocketknife, throw a spear, deconstruct appliances, and break the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Those are some weird things you should allow your child to do right? I thought so too until I put the video into more thought.

The point of the speech by Tulley is not to tell you that your kids need to exactly those 5 dangerous things, but that you need to allow your children to set themselves up for failure at times in their lives. Kids need to experiment danger in order to learn for themselves the correct way to handle it. Being independent is not a bad thing and if the child leads a sheltered life they will never know how to be independent and happy at the same time.

This all relates to me because I want to teach those children that should be exposed to danger. It is my job to talk about what to do when faced with the danger and teach them how to handle the situation. It is also my job to teach the children that things happen and sometimes we are left in situations that are not always positive, but we should stay positive and get through it the best we can even if we do fail. Failing is all part of life and without failing no one can really succeed.


10 thoughts on “DANGEROUS!

  1. Our family loves the outdoors, so we’ve done a lot of this with our kids. They make their own fires and my husband has made torches for them before. I have to admit it always makes me a bit nervous. They’ve made spears out of duct tape, rocks and sticks. The two oldest have pocket knifes and use them frequently when we are out camping. Have you seen the video about the school that is all outdoors? Search for “The Danish School Where Children Play With Knives.”


  2. I agree whole heart with you. Kids need to fail in order to learn from it. They need to experience danger in order to learn to handle it. It is hard as adults to let kids we love learn things the hard way, but sometimes that is the only way they learn.


  3. I agree with my whole heart. Kids will never learn to handle tough situations if they are never in tough situations. It is better to learn things the hard way while still under the parental safety net than after they are out in the “real” world.


  4. I really enjoyed reading this blog, because I am one of those parents that have a hard time letting my children play out in the front yard because I’m worried about them getting kidnapped. I need to not worry so much because then I am sheltering them and I don’t want to do that. great video to watch and it opened my mind.


  5. I really enjoy this post Rylee! I think it is so important for kids to learn through experience. It is our job as their “protectors” (teachers, parents, guardians) to allow children to have these experiences.


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