Make, Hack and Play Make Me A Good Teacher

            After watching the TED talk by Logan LaPlante, I went into a lot of thought about creativity in schools. I always thought that creativity was pushed aside in order to make time for other important subjects, but the fact is that schools are actually trying to “kill” creativity. This makes me super angry. When a child is growing up his or her parents generally embrace the creativity of a young child and then they go to school with all the creativity to only have it pushed aside for other subjects. I want to know why we can’t incorporate creativity with the different subjects? I remember learning about snow in elementary and we made a snowman for a project. The teacher required each student to follow exactly how she was making her snowman so each snowman was exactly the same. There was no creativity to this project and honestly I am seeing now that it was a big waste of time. These types of projects are just as bad as worksheets are at schools.

            Logan LaPlante was lucky enough to realize everything at a younger age rather than like me who is just now realizing creativity is vanishing from schools. Hacking education is a great way for students, teachers and administration to learn about the importance of creativity and how we should embrace it every day. I suddenly feel the need to make sure each child in my classroom understands each person is creative and they are creative in different ways than everyone around him or her. No one should be ashamed or scared of creativity because it is what makes us unique. As long as you are happy in your life with your creativity, you should not be worrying about anyone else. I was never taught this in school and it is a real shame. Not only is it important that other teachers should embrace creativity, they should also know the three essential lenses.


Photo CC by: Bret Simmons (Photo of Logan LaPlante at his TEDTalk.)

            The three essential lenses that Bud Hunt discusses in an article are making, hacking and playing. I love that Hunt goes into detail about the importance of making things in the classroom. When learning something new it is a great idea to make it into something that makes the learning easier for the student. Some teachers only teach one way and that is the way they will teach forever. Teaching should be different each year because the class full of students will all be different. They all learn in a different way. The one thing that should be taught each year is how to make, hack and play. These are essential to education if a teacher wants his or her students to succeed in the best way possible. If a teacher does not want that for his or her students, then that teacher is in the wrong profession.

            Here I have linked the TEDtalk video by Logan LaPlante and the article by Bud Hunt. If you plan on teaching or having children it is a great idea to check them out!



6 thoughts on “Make, Hack and Play Make Me A Good Teacher

  1. What a great way to learn! Students would be more engaged with a day of make, hack, and play. I can see lesson plans written with those objectives.


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