Passion For Learning In School

I never thought to think about the difference between school and learning. After reading George Couro’s blog post I found there are a lot of differences between the two. It makes me really sad to think that each are in the school system and one is thought of in a negative way while the other is positive. I think it is the responsibility of the teachers, administration and the community to make the word school more positive. It should go hand in hand with learning to enhance what the child is learning every day at school.

While I was in school we never talked about the word “learning.” Everything we did at school was all part of the schedule and anytime we asked why we were learning about something we were told it was the states decision. This was confusing to me and I stopped asking the question and just did what was asked of me. Learning should not be that way at all. Students should understand that learning is important for them as individuals and they learn in order to make their futures positive and successful. I wish I had a school that would tell me that rather than things about the state.

Nigel Coutts wrote an article that talked about passion based learning and he shared a lot of good information. He made it clear that his school was thrown into passion based learning without knowing exactly what to do. It look him years to perfect it in his classroom and that take a lot of time and patience. I think it is important for schools to understand change cannot happen in one day; it takes a lot of time to make change happen. I know that as a future teacher I need to do everything I can in order to make change happen, but that means have patience during the process.

Tina Barseghian went into more detail about how passion can be incorporated into the school systems. She explains that it is not an easy task and it takes time for it to work. Every teacher, administrator and parent should be on board in order for it to work. Students need to also understand why this type of learning will be beneficial to them.


Photo CC By: Ken WhyTock

            These are all great reads if you plan to make learning a priority for your students in your classroom. I hope that each school will incorporate passion-based learning and be patient with the program.



7 thoughts on “Passion For Learning In School

  1. Isn’t it ironic that the place that’s function is to teach people how to learn is the place that we don’t even think about that being the priority? It’s usually “what” they need to learn instead of teaching them to be “learners”, which we naturally are from the time we are little. Sometimes in schools I think we need to adjust our focus, to creating life learners and teaching the joy of learning.


  2. I did the same thing as you when I was in school! Whenever I asked my teachers why we needed to learn this, they would answer with ‘Because’. They couldn’t give me a straight answer and they didn’t know when/where I would use it again in the future. It was frustrating for me because it made me not want to learn or participate. I hope that when my students ask me questions similar to this, I can answer it simply with honesty.


  3. I like your comment about how you never talked about the word “learning” in school. Interesting that there would be no correlation between school and learning, when that is the very reason for being there. As I think about it, you are probably correct in the fact that students just show up to class with the expectation of being taught, or doing some task, but lose sight of the goal of actually learning.


    1. I always experience students saying they do not want to learn something because they feel it is useless. I wonder how they would feel if they understood how important what they are learning is!


      1. There are times that they just need to understand the importance of being a learner. A child needs to be open to the process of learning.


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