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            This class just keeps getting better and better! I have always wanted to be a part of a group of educators that share different information with each other and are able to relate to each other in general. A PLN is a perfect way for me to do exactly that!

            I did not realize it right away, but I have already gotten a great start to my own personal PLN. It is said that Twitter is the backbone to every PLN and I just recently made a new account that I plan to use for education purposes only. So I am basically on the right track to beginning a successful PLN started!

            The next step is looking for people I plan to follow. I want to find people who share information about elementary education because that is my focus. I would love to read about different class management techniques and teaching techniques for those with learning disabilities. There is no better way to learn something than from someone who has experience with the information they are sharing.

            So far this seems so easy right? Wrong. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make sure your PLN stays updated and thriving. It is not something you can sometimes look at and then forget for a while. There are people relying on you to share information that they can use in their classrooms or to further their education. It is the type of thing that you either need to commit to completely or do not get started with.

            I am excited that it is a requirement for this class because I will be able to get my PLN started this summer before I go into student teaching in the fall. Not only will I be looking for bloggers and people who tweet, I want to search for websites that send out emails with great information. I can use these emails to pass on to my fellow educators and be able to really get my PLN going.

            Over the next couple weeks I plan to spend 20 minutes a day collaborating and interacting with my followers that are part of my PLN. I hope to be a part of their blogging and tweets, rather than just one or the other. I want to be able to get everything out of this experience and use it to my advantage to be the best teacher I can be.

            Here is a tweet that I found and definitely helped me out better understand how to start a PLN.


10 thoughts on “Educational PLN

  1. I am excited about learning how to have a network too. It seemed too hard and overwhelming before this class. Great tweet you found. Thanks.


  2. I think that our personal learning networks can be a very valuable tool. As a beginning teacher it is very helpful to be able to ask questions and bounce ideas off colleagues.


  3. I love that you created a second Twitter account dedicated specifically to your PLN! I also couldn’t agree more that maintaining a PLN takes a lot of work with continually added and removing accounts that you follow.


  4. I started my Twitter account for school/education only, but I think I have strayed a little bit! I now have food, news, home, etc! I guess the food is justified since that’s my ILP, but I will need to clean it up before the school year starts and make a different, personal account! PLNs do take a lot of work! I’m definitely going to have to set aside time to truly work on it so mine can grow as well! If you stumble on any high school English people, let me know! 😉


    1. I definitely will keep you in mind! I think it is great that you have a lot of different things on your twitter and if you can manage them all then why not keep them all!?


  5. I loved your thought process with PLN’s! They are definitely a wonderful learning tool that just wasn’t available years ago…well it wasn’t to the caliber it is today with technology and specifically social media. I didn’t have a twitter account before this class, but I love the wealth of information that is now available through choosing people in the field of elementary education for my PLN. It took a lot of time to build up 100 + people to follow, as it takes a lot of time to find ones that actually stick to posting quality information on education.


    1. I think you will find yourself loving twitter and using it a lot as a teacher. I think it is a great tool to stay connected with people around the world that share common interests about certain things.


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