Diet THEN Exercise!

Throughout college I have been taught the importance of eating healthy and exercising daily. I did not take my professors seriously until I started gaining weight and now I am kicking myself for not listening to them.

I did a lot of research throughout this past week and I have found that dieting is the most important thing you can do in order to lose weight and stay at a healthy weight. In order to get things started I needed to find a diet that would work best for me. I found that the Keto Diet is something I am interested in. The Keto Diet is a diet that focuses on protein and cuts out all sweets and carbs. You may be thinking that this sounds easy, but it is not for a person who is used to drinking a soda daily along with any other sweets that come my way. So I figured out the diet I wanted to follow and my next step was determining what kind of exercise I wanted to do.

Photo CC By: Jacqueline

            I am no interested in becoming a body builder by any means, but I want to be healthy enough that my body is functioning the way it should be at the age I am. If you have researched workouts before, then you will know that there is no such thing as a program you can find that fits you, UNLESS you plan to pay some money for it. I have paid big bucks for certain programs before and it got me nowhere so I decided to choose some workouts that looked fun to me. My exercising for the first week involves a lot of jogging around town. I chose this because I can bring my dogs with me. Of course I plan to go either in the morning or evening due to the hot weather, but I will be bonding with my dogs and working out at the same time. Along with jogging I will be doing ab workouts daily.

So how did this week go? It was not pleasant by any means. I really struggled to stay away from sugar and I did satisfy my craving once or twice… But I feel that I have a little more knowledge about what I am doing and what I need to be doing. I plan to continue this plan for one more week before changing anything up. I have a goal to have absolutely no sugar and to run a little further than I have been this week. I will keep you updated with more information!


4 thoughts on “Diet THEN Exercise!

  1. I love the idea of choosing an exercise plan that fits not only your needs, but also your lifestyle aka binding with your dogs. I too struggle with giving up the sweets and have found that a little dried fruit will go a long way to satiate that craving.


  2. My ILP involves a goal of eventually running a 5k. I’m attempting to get back into shape, as well, and trying to eat healthy is tough! I also have a weakness to sugar and often fail to fight off my cravings. Good luck on going sugar-free and running more this next week!


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