Digital Storytelling

            My favorite thing to do when I have free time is to watch YouTube videos. I mainly stick with the prank videos and video blogging videos but there are a few times where I have come across a different type of video. These videos are using art and creativity to tell a story a long with a person actually telling the story. I had no idea what they were, but I always found them interesting and I would spend time looking just for those type of videos.

            I am surprised to learn that these types of videos are part of the DS106 adventure. They are known as digital storytelling. The website we were asked to look at goes into great detail about digital storytelling and how it is taking over the Internet. I love to think that people are getting involved in technology in this way. It is important to embrace technology rather than deny it and that is exactly what people are doing. They are embracing it completely!

            As I continue to research about DS106 I am learning that videos are not the only thing that can be considered digital storytelling. A writer can tell a story and insert photos throughout the writing to give more of a visual look at what the writer is trying to tell with their story. I think this is really awesome, because the writer can help the reader have a better understanding of what he or she is trying to get the writer to see in his or her head.

            All of this great information has me thinking about the ways I can use this in my classroom. To me, there are a lot of students who hate reading and teachers are constantly trying different ways to get them interested in reading. Being able to incorporate pictures and even showing videos it can spark an interest in reading for students. I think it is really important to try everything possible to make reading a fun priority for each student. I will first start off by showing videos and certain readings to my students as a class rather than individually. This way we all can talk about it and share how we feel about it. Then I can have them find their own stories later on that interest them more. I just want everyone to love reading because it is really important.

            If you want to learn just as much as I know about DS106 check out this website!

2 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling

  1. Sounds like you will be ahead of some of us who are just learning about the process of DS. I agree that DS will be a way to reach the students who really would prefer not to read by dangling that carrot of digital stories to entice them.


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