Embrace Electronics!

Reading can be a very difficult thing for teachers to get their students interested in. It is really hard to try to get a student to open an actual book rather than using their cell phone for texting or other things that is unrelated to school. This day in age teachers are constantly at battle with their students to stay off of their electronics because they are not paying attention in the classroom.

In the beginning years of the cell phone, tablets, and laptops I can understand why a teacher wants a class ban on those technologies, but now I see no reason for it. It is important for teachers to know that technology is only growing and not going away. It will continue to grow and students will continue to bring it to school and use it during school. Teachers need to jump aboard and embrace the technology.
After reading about podcasts I cannot wait until I have my own classroom so I can include these in the classroom. Students can learn through listening and be able to use their electronic devices to access different podcasts and videos that can help their learning.

I agree that there needs to be rules and only certain situations that the electronic devises can be used, but I feel there is excitement when students can use them for learning. If we as teachers already have them excited by the way they are about to their, then they will put more effort in learning than they would if they were just reading a book or having a book read to them by a teacher.

Another way to get students interested is being able to get students to learn how to create their own digital story. I feel this is a great idea because students can watch or listen to other classmates’ digital stories. The beginning process of teaching the students about digital storytelling will be the hardest part, but after they understand I feel that they will all show their creativity right away. The main focus of digital storytelling is not only about being able to get students interested in learning, it is also about letting students show their creativity.

As a student I did not have much creativity and I feel that it was due to the lack of acceptance for creativity in my school. I want students who feel that way to be able to find their creativity in my classroom. I want them to embrace their creativity and love who they are and the ideas they get.

Below are some websites that helped me better understand digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling

Story Center


One Good Thing


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