Time, Patience and Effort!

This was quite the week for my health kick! I managed to stay away from sweets for the week and I continued my daily exercise. Although I did well following my own rules, I spent the entire week with a raging headache. If anyone tries to tell you that sugar is not addicting they are very wrong. I knew this was my way of detoxing and my body’s way of reacting to no sugar after having it so often, but I stuck with it. The headaches started off horrible and gradually lessened throughout the week, which I am grateful for. I hate having headaches constantly.

I made it a goal to constantly have a water bottle in my hands or around me throughout the day and night. So not only was I experiencing headaches, I was also dealing with having to drop everything so I could use the restroom ever 20 minutes. It was a real pain, but things are slowly getting better at the end of the week. To be honest cutting out sugar was not extremely difficult, it is just the constant feeling of my body telling me I NEED sugar and I need it now.

As for the daily exercise I managed to walk with my dogs each morning and occasionally at night. I have 4 jobs right now; so walking them nightly is not always realistic for me. They love the change in my behavior because we are no longer sleeping in and being lazy in the morning. I try to walk about 2 miles each day. There are times when I feel pretty good about it and I will run a little, but my main focus right now is sticking to drinking plenty of water and just staying active.

My goals for the next week include taking my diet to the next level and continuing my exercise. I want to begin the Keto diet and really bulk up on proteins when I eat each day. I feel like this will be fairly easy for me because I love protein already. I also want to take my exercise to the next step. I want to be able to run the entire 2 miles one day and maybe walk the 2 miles the next day.

Throughout the week I have continued to do research and it is important for people to understand that dieting and exercising takes a lot of time, patience and effort. That is the reason I am easing into this health challenge so slowly. I feel that if I jump right into it and expect to see results right away, then I will be disappointed and quit the process. I want to do it right this time and that means taking my time!



2 thoughts on “Time, Patience and Effort!

  1. I agree with you that sugar is addicting! Good for you for pushing through and making it through the week without sugar! I’m not sure if I could have made it. I love how you’re making goals for the upcoming week!


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