Today I Googled Myself


Photo CC By: Amber Case

           There was a time where I Googled myself quite a bit and this was around the time where MySpace was a popular social media website. During those times everything I had on MySpace and Facebook would show up on Google. This included pictures, videos, posts and friends I had conversations with. At first, this did not bother me because I wasn’t worried about creepers out there, but as I got older I thought more into it. Throughout high school I was not taught how to be safe and have a private profile on any of my social medias. I was under the impression that if I was on private then none of my friends could find me and it would just be like not having social media. As I got older I found this to be completely untrue. There are many times that I will log onto Facebook and it will ask me to update my privacy settings. I love that they do this because it enables me to see what my settings are at and if I need to update anything. I make sure to update my privacy settings almost monthly.

This past semester I was in spring block and there were a lot of lectures about being professional. The lectures made me stop and think about my Facebook profile and I wondered if everything I had on there was appropriate for a teacher to have. I decided to go through my Facebook and delete any photos that could be thought of as inappropriate a long with posts that I did not like. I then made my privacy settings so private that I think it is sometimes hard for my friends to find me on Facebook. This is exactly the way I like it.

So I Googled myself today and I was more than happy with the results. There was an article that talked about a recent scholarship I received and more than enough posts about my blogs I have been posting for a summer class. I continued to look at the images in the search and there were only 2 images of me. This is a huge difference from a couple of years ago and all it took was changing my privacy settings. By the looks of my Google search I believe a potential employer would not be offended by anything they find about me on their search and I am more than happy about that.

Share privacy information with your students! It is so important they understand that there are ways to prevent things from being shown all over the Internet!


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