About Me



            Hello all! My name is Rylee Hanks and I grew up in Crawford, Nebraska. It is a small town 27 miles west of Chadron. I grew up loving different sports, but my main focus was basketball. I went to Western Nebraska Community College to play college basketball my freshman year. After about a month I realized this was not what I wanted to be doing with my life and I decided to just focus on school. This was quite a change for me and I decided to transfer to Chadron State College to be a little closer to home. I love animals. I have two dogs that live with my boyfriend and I. I treat them like they are my children. I would do anything for an animal and if it weren’t for putting animals down I would have pursued becoming a vet.
Because being a vet is not something I want to get into, I decided the next best thing would be to teach young children. I am currently studying Elementary Education because I absolutely love children. I have never been around a group of students in the elementary school that could not make me laugh. My dream grade would be to teach Kindergarten. I want to stay between Preschool and 3rd grade. I have a little saying,” Below 3rd grade the children are cute and naughty, but above 3rd grade they are more naughty than cute.” I also believe that a great teacher can make a positive impact to younger students and that can enable a child to grow up a lot differently than they would with a negative teacher. I want to be able to have a student in the 12th grade say I am who I am today because I had a great elementary teacher who helped me grow to become a great person. Thanks all for checking out my blog!