Wake Up. Work Out. Kick Butt. Repeat.

I found the coolest website that helped me decide which workout plan I needed to follow! The website basically gives you options to choose from depending on what your body type is and from there they give you some workout routines. I will link the website here. After choosing the type of body you have the website redirects you to another page where you can either look at routines or watch videos of routines. I chose the athletic body type and I followed the workout plan it gave me for the entire week. I loved this website because not only did it give me a workout, it also showed me how to properly do the workout.

My eating plan for the week went well and I stuck with proteins and no sugary food. I feel so good mentally and physically I really do not care if there is a difference in my physical appearance or not. I think it is so important to feel good before you can actually look good.

As we are wrapping up our independent learning projects I have learned that it is important to try things on your own before relying on other people or objects to do the work for you. As much time as people spend on looking, buying and taking diet pills they could be making their own diet and workout plan and have started on it already. I feel like people never have the confidence they need in order to just try and get things done themselves and I definitely learned that.

Before starting this I had “tried” doing it several times on my own and I always gave up within the first couple of days. It was nice to have a class where I was made to do everything and actually continue with it rather than giving up. I think everyone should take some sort of class that gives them this type of opportunity, because I definitely benefited from it.

It is really hard for every single person to follow one single diet and workout plan because everyone is different. I had to do quite the research to find the right diet for me and even the workout plan the diet wanted me to do was not exactly what I wanted so I went further into research to find the right workout plan. Everything worked out the way I wanted it to because I took the time to research and determine the right plan for me.


Digital Activism

Digital activism is a lot more common than you think. I see it every day and I don’t even notice it. People are constantly trying to get other people on their same mindset about something and they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media websites to get their thoughts across. On my Facebook feed I see a lot about Trump and if he is a good guy or bad (to sum it up).

I personally involve myself in digital activisms only sometimes. I stay away from politics and I try to stay away from “drama” over the internet. I do however have 2 Pit Bulls that I love more than my own life and I will stand up for them any day of the week on social media and in person.

Some things that I think is important for people to know before becoming a digital activist is knowing the etiquette of the internet. If you want to be respected for your opinion then you need to respect other peoples opinions even if you disagree with them. I think it is always important to end an argument by agreeing to disagree. It is impossible to change the mind of someone who is so dedicated to what they believe in!

The effectiveness of digital activism is so amazing because someone can reach millions of people from all over the world while they are sitting at home in their pjs! It is really fascinating the amount of people a person can affect by the Internet.

As a future teacher I think I will make it a point to talk about the effects digital activism can have on people. I want my students to know how to safely be a part of any activism they want. I do not think I will allow my students to start or begin an activism during school, but I want to encourage them to do so outside of school. I feel there could possibly be some conflict if I was encouraging them to participate during school hours. I think as long as they have the tools and knowledge they will be able to safely participate outside of school.

I was not aware of digital activism completely until just a few days ago and I did quite the research. I found one girl in particular that I am now following on twitter. She is a digital activism who supports those who experience suicidal thoughts, depression, bullying and a lot of other disheartening things. I think it is so cool that she is using her own knowledge about technology to help others all around her. Check out her twitter feed!

If you still feel that you need more details on digital activism check out this video below.

Dieting… Hard? No way!

Man this week has been so great for me! I have not cheated once this entire day and it was even a holiday! I managed to work the entire day of the 4th so I was not able to have much time to eat junk, which I benefited from. I always thought that eating healthy would always be hard, but it has gotten easier as the weeks have passed. I’ve noticed that I crave water more than soda and I want protein more than sugar. I could have never said that or even thought I would be saying that in the beginning of my blog posts. I think the most important thing for me is the fact that I have been staying extremely busy. I tend to eat when I am bored and have nothing else to do.

My goal to exercise daily is not my main focus right now because of the lack of time, but I am up on my feet at work and I barely ever sit when I do get a break. I know that has to count as some kind of exercise. I am continuing to walk when I have the chance with my puppies and they absolutely love it. I do not love the 90-degree weather, but I push myself through it with some water and determination and I get through it.

My next couple goals include creating a set exercise plan. I want to be able to come up with something I can follow daily and be able to look at and know what to expect for the next time. I feel that I will be able to have better time management if I am able to see my workout for the next day or so. I am going to be looking at some websites that share some good workouts. One of my main concerns is finding workouts that will hurt me more than they will help me. I do not want to be doing a workout and be doing it wrong because I could not properly see the picture description on the website. This is where a personal trainer would be amazing for me. Things would be so much easier if I could afford that!

I plan to continue eating protein as much as possible and drink water all day and every single day. I hope whoever gets to read this blog realizes that not only is being healthy good for you; it changes your mood and energy. It is amazing what a couple of weeks can do for a person.

Today I Googled Myself


Photo CC By: Amber Case

           There was a time where I Googled myself quite a bit and this was around the time where MySpace was a popular social media website. During those times everything I had on MySpace and Facebook would show up on Google. This included pictures, videos, posts and friends I had conversations with. At first, this did not bother me because I wasn’t worried about creepers out there, but as I got older I thought more into it. Throughout high school I was not taught how to be safe and have a private profile on any of my social medias. I was under the impression that if I was on private then none of my friends could find me and it would just be like not having social media. As I got older I found this to be completely untrue. There are many times that I will log onto Facebook and it will ask me to update my privacy settings. I love that they do this because it enables me to see what my settings are at and if I need to update anything. I make sure to update my privacy settings almost monthly.

This past semester I was in spring block and there were a lot of lectures about being professional. The lectures made me stop and think about my Facebook profile and I wondered if everything I had on there was appropriate for a teacher to have. I decided to go through my Facebook and delete any photos that could be thought of as inappropriate a long with posts that I did not like. I then made my privacy settings so private that I think it is sometimes hard for my friends to find me on Facebook. This is exactly the way I like it.

So I Googled myself today and I was more than happy with the results. There was an article that talked about a recent scholarship I received and more than enough posts about my blogs I have been posting for a summer class. I continued to look at the images in the search and there were only 2 images of me. This is a huge difference from a couple of years ago and all it took was changing my privacy settings. By the looks of my Google search I believe a potential employer would not be offended by anything they find about me on their search and I am more than happy about that.

Share privacy information with your students! It is so important they understand that there are ways to prevent things from being shown all over the Internet!

6 Days of Daily Creates :)


What the heck is digital citizenship!?


Photo CC By: MeacherTeacher

            When I researched about digital citizenship I thought about the age group of the students that would be using each set of information I was reading about. I first began thinking about how it is important to get the younger children familiar with Internet etiquette. This is where I believe the survival kit would really hit home with younger students. If you are not familiar with the survival kit I am speaking of please check it out at this website! Now that you have an understanding of the survival kid I hope you agree with me that it is important for the younger students to know these rules.

The next step I would take is talking to the older students about cyber bullying and digital cruelty. I think it is important that they know what is going on out there, how to prevent it and how to handle it properly. I want my students to know that cyber bulling is a real thing and there are things that they can do in order to avoid it a long with making sure they are acting in a positive manner themselves.

After some thought about my days in high school I realized that my friends and I knew more about the Internet than our teachers did. This was fine and all, but I don’t know how many times I heard teachers say they had no desire to know what we were doing on the internet or learn how to do it all. At the time I was completely fine with it because I could then do whatever I wanted to and know more about it than the teachers!

Now that I am studying elementary education I can see how negative this can be. I don’t blame teachers for allowing cyber bullying to happen, but I feel that there could have been a lot different ways to prevent cyber bullying earlier on if adults were more on board with technology rather than the younger generation taking over the internet. With all of this being said, I hope that no matter your age or profession, I hope you take the time to learn about digital citizenship along with technology itself. I don’t know how many times I have wrote in my blogs that technology needs to be embraced and used for the better rather than banned in schools and anywhere else. Teach your children and students everything you can about digital citizenship!



Time, Patience and Effort!

This was quite the week for my health kick! I managed to stay away from sweets for the week and I continued my daily exercise. Although I did well following my own rules, I spent the entire week with a raging headache. If anyone tries to tell you that sugar is not addicting they are very wrong. I knew this was my way of detoxing and my body’s way of reacting to no sugar after having it so often, but I stuck with it. The headaches started off horrible and gradually lessened throughout the week, which I am grateful for. I hate having headaches constantly.

I made it a goal to constantly have a water bottle in my hands or around me throughout the day and night. So not only was I experiencing headaches, I was also dealing with having to drop everything so I could use the restroom ever 20 minutes. It was a real pain, but things are slowly getting better at the end of the week. To be honest cutting out sugar was not extremely difficult, it is just the constant feeling of my body telling me I NEED sugar and I need it now.

As for the daily exercise I managed to walk with my dogs each morning and occasionally at night. I have 4 jobs right now; so walking them nightly is not always realistic for me. They love the change in my behavior because we are no longer sleeping in and being lazy in the morning. I try to walk about 2 miles each day. There are times when I feel pretty good about it and I will run a little, but my main focus right now is sticking to drinking plenty of water and just staying active.

My goals for the next week include taking my diet to the next level and continuing my exercise. I want to begin the Keto diet and really bulk up on proteins when I eat each day. I feel like this will be fairly easy for me because I love protein already. I also want to take my exercise to the next step. I want to be able to run the entire 2 miles one day and maybe walk the 2 miles the next day.

Throughout the week I have continued to do research and it is important for people to understand that dieting and exercising takes a lot of time, patience and effort. That is the reason I am easing into this health challenge so slowly. I feel that if I jump right into it and expect to see results right away, then I will be disappointed and quit the process. I want to do it right this time and that means taking my time!